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Definitely a nice friendly dealership, they go out of there way to help you out! Just make sure to let them know your concerns and be sure to follow up with them occasionally to be sure they don"t forget. (They do a lot of sales so it can be hard to keep up with everyone) I bought a 08 mazda 3 at such a sweet price! got it home to find out it needed a new tcm (transmission control module) so I gave Jason a call (the best salesman you'll ever meet) and so I told him about the issue and he immediately wanted to make it right. so i did some research and it turns out its not to hard to replace the part so I ordered one replaced it myself and Jason reimbursed me for the part and even wanted to give me extra for labor! I turned down the money for labor knowing how easy of a job it was and also trying to save them some money knowing they didn't have to help me out here. So thanks Jason, my car is all good to go now! If you're looking for a new car at a good price, this is definitely the place to look around.
Now there was a few minor things I hope they take into consideration.
1. when I came in to pickup the car, it was parked way in the back lot witch is dirt. and it seems the windows were rolled down at some point cause the interior was covered in a thin layer of dust, so was the exterior.
2. the tire pressure was low in the front ds tire.(I had too fill it with air before my drive home)
3. also the gas was basically on E so I had to fill that up as well.
these are minor things but definitely something they could improve on.

All and all I got the car I was looking for at an insane price!
Definitely go take a look around.
And if you're looking to buy ask for Jason!  Daniel Lloyd

These guys are very helpful. If i could rate it 10 out of 5 i would.  Dylan Snell

Bought a sweet truck here. Nice and clean. Very honest. They were really busy so I had to wait a bit but it was worth it.   Jackson Hollberg

I had an awesome experience buying a car here, they gave me an amazing deal and made sure I was completely happy with my purchase. I would recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a used car.  Amber Orchard

I have been walking to work for months and the average time it takes is 1 hour and 30 mins to walk weather was a major factor and increased the time when it snowed. I would wake up at 4:30 am just to get ready and walk to be at work at 7:30. I've applied for loans prior to Planet power toys and was denied or asked to have a co signer because it's still rather new is what I kept hearing and Jared was recommended to me by a good friend of mine and figured I had nothing to lose. Everyone was very kind and Jared told me It wouldn't be an issue to get financed and he was right. I was able to get a loan with 5% interest and low enough payments for me to afford. I no longer have to walk to work or carry groceries 3.3 miles home. Jared worked with me to fine the right car in my price range. He doesn't beat around the bush or pressure you in anyway. He truly cares for his customers and does what he can to help and make sure you leave happy. I've already recommended planet power toys to a few friends who are thinking of getting a car in the future and will go back the next time I purchase a car. I highly recommend planet power toys to anybody wanting honest people who will help you as best as they can.  Victor Acosta

Bought our motor home from them. We got an excellent deal, great service, and made some new friends too.  Ray D Long

Jared was helpful and even though i didnt end up with the toyota i was interested in he left a good impression.  Camden Ball

The car lot is not very big but they have a decent selection of vehicles. The staff however is great! I had the pleasure of working with Jason.  Elizabeth Strang

Are salesman's name was Jason. He went above and beyond to make sure we got the he went above and beyond to make sure we got the car we wanted at a price that no other dealership could even come close to I would recommend these guys to anybody I am very happy with experience with these guys highly recommendable  Jason one

Went in to look at a Ford Focus we had seen on KSL. The car had sold the day before, but we ended up finding one we loved even more! They were great to work with, and we ended up trading in my old car towards an awesome deal! It's great working with y'all!  Bill Giles

I've been to a couple different car lots looking for a car and never got treated with respect like I was with these guys they had me a ice cold bottle water for me while i waited always kept checking on me to if I needed anything. I had my heart set on a certain car and struggled getting financed other places but they busted there butsfor me for 3 days in a row making me a priority to ensure I left with my new car Hands down the best place to get a car if you need finance. I was approved the day I walked in but they kept pushing for me and got my interest lower lower then what the first day. There's not one worker who will not greet with a smile. Wait time was no where near what I was expecting, went fast.
HUGE shoutout and very greatful for Kavan & Luis. You want a killer deal, talk to either Kavan or Luis they treat you like family not just Some random customer  Devon Humes

I worked with Jason at Planet Power Toys to buy our vehicle. When we showed up on the lot, he didn't descend on us like a vulture. He let us look around before coming up to us. He was very personable. Great to work with. Not pushy at all. I would recommend anyone to go there.  Dustin Uresk

This place is awesome! Shimey was the guy that helped us, however, everyone that we talked to was so relaxed and kind about the car buying process. I felt like I could trust them all. A very down to earth place to buy a car without all the craziness of a big car dealer. I felt like I could voice my sincere concerns and they would listen and help us without any lies. Very honest and good people. The cars are checked serviced by a third party before they are sold. The prices here are also very reasonable. I'd buy from them again!  Elizabeth Bingham

Salesmen did a good job listening to what I wanted, and found an upsale that we both liked. Less pressure than other places I've shopped, and let me take the car home for a day after putting some money down that goes to any purchase from them. I thought it was a great way for them to keep my business and curb potential buyer's remorse.  -Kai Meyer

Called in to ask about a specific car and they told me it was on the lot but might be sold to a different dealership and to check in before we came in. Called in right after work and car was still there so my wife and I headed in for a test drive. A couple of things surprised me— the car was pretty dirty, there was no point inspection done for the car when they received it from an auction in California, and no oil change done prior to being placed on the lot. I’ve worked at a dealership before so luckily I knew what to look for and checked several things myself and the car was pretty flawless. We arrived pre-approved through my credit union and were out of there within an hour and a half. Easy buying experience but wish they would check all of their cars before they put them on the lot! I left a little weary but needed a car that night. I’m currently visiting my parents in Southern California and the car drove perfect all the way down and checks out fine with no leaks or anything. I guess we lucked out big time! Point inspection would have gotten them a 5 star review.   -Ricky Rios

Seriously, the best car dealerships I've been to! My wife and I were looking around for a car and went to several other dealerships. None of them were willing to work with us, but as soon as we came to Planet Power Tools, they showed us the car that we wanted, tried to get us the lowest price possible, with low mileage! We drove the car to a different mechanic and had them inspect it. They said it was an AWESOME car! Seriously, AWESOME dealership. No pressure whatsoever! They don't get paid commission so they try to help you out. We will definitely go back again for our next car!  -Logan Balaich

Jason sold me a 2013 Ford Focus! He was awesome to work with. They had the car detailed and in perfect condition for me. They entire process was enjoyable. Very honest genuine people. I told Jason what I wanted and he led me to the perfect car. The entire staff went above and beyond to make the whole experience easy. No high pressure sales. They just wanted to make sure I got what I needed within my price range. They have great inventory and most priced below blue book.   -bonnie farnsworth

Great selection of vehicles. Miles are higher in general but so there are so many options. Most of the guys i spoke too where cool, helpful and good listeners.  Daryl Noguera

Very friendly. Car wasn't over-priced to start with like almost everywhere else. Professional yet down-to-earth. Didn't feel like they were trying to hide a bunch of stuff but felt very helpful and up-front. Not only allowed us to take the car to our mechanic, but strongly encouraged it. They're an hour from our home but well worth the trip!! Thank you, Philip, Cavin and Royce!!  -Beckie Dragon

Jared and his team were all so nice and helpful. I was really impressed with these guys as well as the amount of inventory they carry. Go check them out!  -Chris Klaflin

Friendly helpful staff and great inventory and prices. We loved our buying experience.  -Mark Farnsworth

Loved my experience here! Wonderful and friendly staff. Honestly, have been dealing with dealerships all over the orem and Provo area and it has been nothing but a headache. These guys did all they could to get me approved for the vehicle that I really wanted. I didn't have to settle for less. They did everything they could to get me a fair price that exceeded my expectations. I have a bit of a rough credit score and they were able to get me approved with a low interest rate and monthly payments that work with my budget. For sure will be shopping here in the future. Huge shout out to Luis and Kavan who crunched the numbers and made it all work. They helped out so much. Royce was a pleasant salesman and was never pushy with me. Gave great info and was upfront and honest about everything we talked about! Great experience and great people to work with!  -Hunter Apostolos

If you are in need of a car check out Planet Power Toys! Super awesome deals! Great location and the staff is always willing to help.  Candice ricks


Seriously 5 stars!! they will treat you like gold, my wife and I felt zero pressure with cory and royce, they were so easy going, they even offered to throw tires on the optima even though we didn't ask them to do it, they financed us with a great rate and made the experience super easy!! I will tell all of my friends and family about this place!! Good job guys!  -Jeffrey Adams

We bought a Hyundai Accent, 2006 a few months ago. Got it for a good price. Phil was def willing to work with us with the price while other places were really stubborn with their pricing. Car still works great, and we haven't had any complaints with it.  -Sam-Yiyi Allan

ame in to see a really good deal online. Was everything more than expected. Car is great and the staff as well, if in need of a spectacular deal and looking for an easy process come down and look for Kavan and Royce, great people.  -Sleep Khal

our visit there was awesome we were helped by Jason, he is the definition of zero pressure he went above and beyond from beginning to middle to end. if you go there ask for Jason you wont be disappointed.Their financing guy Kavan was great too!! such a laid back guy great car buying experience.  Alex Villabolos

So I had a great experience with Planet Power Toys. In the process of buying my last car through them, I worked with Royce, Jason and the owner Jared. All of them were very professional and not once did any of them pressure me. They allowed me to ask alot of questions, take it to an independent mechanic and honored every commitment they made to me. I have dealt with many dealers over the years, and these guys definitely top notch!  -Richard Seal



A professional team that is a pleasure to work with. Great selection for any budget. I have now worked with them on a couple of cars, and have been treated right every time. Always upfront, honest and fair (which is rare in the used car dealer market). These guys are different, and they stand above the rest. You won't be disappointed.  -Ryan Bott

Jared Clingo was very professional to work with. He helped me find a car at a great price. The car come detailed and was great. The finance department was quick. I would definitely work with them again. -Chelsea R

I recently bought a car from Planet Power Toys and had a great experience. Jason was great to work with and allowed me the freedom to be very particular about the car. I never felt any pressure and felt like they really wanted to me to be happy with the experience and whatever car I ended up buying. I'd easily recommend them based on the experience I had.  -Dustin Smith

Honestly I don't know how they make money with the deals they have for the customers. Granted they have to do title and registration fees which you have to do in any car transaction , anywhere but the other fees are minimal considering what They do for you. They have gone out of their way to make buying a car the most painless experience ever. I recommend working with Royce he is a straight forward guy that isn't your typical salesman. I don't feel like he sneaks around or is tricky or pushy; That makes buying a car with him a nice experience. They don't have a lot of variety at the lot there but they're able to pull cars from other dealerships if you have an eye on a particular car.  Taylor